Saturday, February 8, 2020

General RPG Valentines Special Edition: Job Classes

As ever, many thanks to my sister and to Ecclesiastes for their helping me to get these things juuuuuuust right. Or at least good enough. It's not the sort of thing you shoot for the stars over, I guess.

I really like Valentine's Day. You all know this. And I also really like Bravely Default and Bravely Second. You all know this, as well. So with the recent news that a new Bravely title will be gracing us all sometime in the future, I figured, why not have a little fun, and do something special for our RPG Valentines this year? So today, in honor of the Bravely games being both awesome and the truest expression of the Final Fantasy series to date, I've got a whole heap of Job Class themed ways of telling someone special this holiday that you love them and a specific form of the turn-based combat formula of a specific video game sub-genre equally!

And naturally, I've got some for those of you who are distinctly on the other side of the fence in regards to this holiday! I couldn't quite figure out enough ways to use the Job Class system specifically for these anti-sentiments, but I can at least keep halfway to this year's theme by sharing some general Bravely/Final Fantasy reverse-Valentines with you!

...Look, theme or not, it's just not an RPG Valentines post without Reyn and Kevin.


  1. Man, FFTA had a fun art style.

    What job is Reyn? The best job, that's what.

    My only criticism, if it can be called that, is that I see a distinct lack of Bangaa punssssssss.

    Squall and Rinoa really were made for each other, damn.

    1. A fair point, but the most obvious Bangaa pun is better suited for the other special edition I have in mind, so you'll get what you ask for eventually, at least! In, like, 4 years, or something.

      Yeah, it's one of those situations in which you can't say, even if it's tortuous for you to have to watch as an audience, that they don't fully deserve one another. Forget a bullet, Quistis dodged a goddamn cannonball.