Friday, June 28, 2013

General RPGs' AMVs 9

What, more of these things? You’d think the internet would’ve run out by now.

Same deal as always--if you watch it, and like it, please hit the Like button, and better yet, leave a comment for the creator. It seems nearly all the really good AMVs go almost entirely without recognition, and that bothers me greatly.


Fallout 3: Radioactive, by Pastel Ink:
The music used is Radioactive, by Imagine Dragons. Quite frankly, this AMV just tears me up inside. There’s really no doubt that it’s a good video--the scenes’ actions and changes match very well to the music’s flow and tone, and several scenes work nicely with the lyrics. But...this could have been an absolutely INCREDIBLE music video, and it hurts to see it fall short of the potential. I mean, the skill with editing is there, the creativity for connecting the song and visuals is there, it doesn’t do enough with it. So many times there are lyrics going in the song that would fit beautifully to scenes and characters from Fallout 3 (and other Fallouts, but the third game is what seems to be focused on here), and instead all the AMV shows is more slow-mo kills. I mean, don’t get me wrong, a healthy dose of those in this AMV is required to convey the feel and weight of the song and game, but just using that stuff for the filler parts of the song would have done the trick, leaving so many of the more important parts of the song free for a stronger selection of scenes. The creativity to really work it all to its most effective is there, it is, you can see it several times, like at 0:40 to 0:42, when the camera’s focus on the guy’s Power Armor helmet and the camera’s rise and fall combine flawlessly with the singer’s exaggerated breath. But it just...doesn’t show up save for at a few key moments. I mean, don’t get me wrong, this is definitely a solid AMV, it could have been legendary. Still, it’s enjoyable, and worth some recognition.


Final Fantasy 9: Elevation, by Fellow Hoodlum Inc.:
The music used is Elevation, by U2. Not much to say about this one--it’s just plain good. It does a great job matching scenes to the lyrics and shifts in the music, and overall the whole thing winds up being quite exceptional.

Final Fantasy 12: You Belong With Me, by Monkeypants06:
The “music” used is You Belong With Me, by (blurrrrgh) Taylor Swift. But don’t let that stop you from watching this, because it. Is. Glorious.


The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker: You Were Born for This, by Abzifun:
The music used is You Were Born for This, by Epic Score. Well, in all honesty, with a song like this, all you’ve gotta do as an AMV maker is try to keep up with it, and it’ll make what you’re doing look pretty awesome almost on its own, but Abzifun definitely does keep up with the tune and matches the scenes to the music well, creating a kickass tribute to the game.


Mass Effect 2: Mass Relax 2, by Neko9:
The music used is The Legacy, by John Serrie. You may recall Neko9 as being the creator of the very first AMV I ever looked at in a rant, the Parasite Eve 1 AMV, Send Me an Angel. I’m always so pleased when a good AMV creator keeps making their videos, because the really good AMVs are just so damn rare. Anyway, this one’s pretty different; I wasn’t even really sure to count it as an AMV at all. But it’s showing game scenes to a song, so I reckon it qualifies. This video is everything it wants to be--relaxing, beautiful, tranquil, and somehow, even inspiring. Just showcasing the backgrounds and scenery of Mass Effect 2 to the music is more than enough to calm me down in the best of ways, and even to remind me a little of the cosmic beauty that Mass Effect used to so effectively embody. Very lovely.

Mass Effect 2 + 3: Ghost of Love, by ITaliZoraFan:
The music used is Ghost of Love, by The Rasmus. At this point, it’s getting hard for me to come up with new ways to say the same thing about many of these AMVs--this is another music video that is just plain very solid. Put together well, effectively and entertainingly conveys its purpose, uses and meshes the game and music well. It’s fun to see a Shepard x Tali video that’s not your typical really sweet and tender take on them (although I enjoy those very much, if they’re done well), and the creator very skillfully takes advantage of this song’s passion, pain, and power.

Mass Effect 3: Some Peace, by Julciczka:
The music used is This Night, by Black Lab. With so many Mass Effect AMVs being upbeat and inspiring (and with good cause; don’t get me wrong, that’s what Shepard’s all about), it’s refreshing to see the heavier, bleaker perspective on Shepard and his journey, and this video exploits the song and Shepard to their full potential, giving us a sober reminder of Shepard’s difficulties and regrets, and that which he has to leave behind, give up on, at his adventure’s finale. The video really provides and explores a great take on Shepard, and tells its story through great and appropriate scene selection.


Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha 1 + 2: Raidou Shall Open Your Heart, by MargueriteProduction:
The music used is Open Your Heart, from Sonic Adventure 1. This one does an adequate job of following the tune of the music with the game scenes, but it does really well with coordinating the visuals to the song’s lyrics, well enough that the end result is that this AMV makes the song work better for Raidou than it probably did for the actual game it was made for--I can’t claim to know that for a fact, since I’ve never played Sonic Adventure 1, but I’d think it were a safe bet. Unfortunately, it’s a little hard to tell some of the lyrics; the song’s music kinda overpowers them at times, but MargueriteProduction has helpfully put the lyrics up on the screen, so the viewer can properly appreciate the connection of game to music. Non-Persona SMT AMVs are sadly uncommon, so it’s always a treat to find a well-made one like this.

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