Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dragon Quest 5's List

Things That I Believe Are More Exciting Than Playing Dragon Quest 5

Getting into a lengthy debate with a stuffed animal.
Watching C-SPAN on mute.
Singing to John Mayer.
Filling out medical forms.
Plain toast.
Folding laundry.
Dragon Ball Z.
Pocket Lint.
Watching Girl in the Golden Boots--WITHOUT the Mystery Science Theater 3000 commentary.
Slightly moist cardboard.
Sweeping the floor.
Playing Monopoly by yourself.
Hanging out with a slug.
The Family Circus.
Being a judge for a yawning contest.
Water-flavored soup.
A 72-hour Brady Bunch marathon.
An aerobics class led by a sloth.
Waiting in line at the Registry of Motor Vehicles.
Closely comparing toothbrushes at a store to determine which is the truly superior model.
Ricky Gervais...just barely, though.
Walking your pet rock.
Reading through the Megatokyo archives.
Being dead.


  1. Ecclesiastes:

    I can strongly attest to six things on that list that *aren't* household chores. No details.

  2. Still more exciting than reading your blogs