Tuesday, April 28, 2015

General RPG Lists: Worst RPGs

Well! It has been a LONG time since I posted this one. My very first list rant...ahh, the nostalgia. Memories, memories...

Well, enough of that wallowing in the past bullshit. Let’s tear this rant apart and build it anew! This thing was hopelessly outdated, and too small to boot. 10 slots when I’ve played over 270 RPGs? Not enough. So enjoy, reader peoples, the new Worst RPG List, now 15 entries long!

Simple truth: some video games are bad. And chances are, if you're reading this, that you have encountered at least a few in your time. Hell, if you're a regular reader of these rants, I know you've at least READ about quite a few. Cuz lemme tell you, after close to 300 RPGs, I've seen my share, and probably a couple others' shares on top of it. But which are the worst? Which are the true crap of the crop, the ones that rise up the ladder to stand above their peers only so that they can take a suicide plunge downward? Which RPGs should you never, ever play because they are just irredeemable piles of putrescent trash?


UPDATE 10/25/17: Project X Zone 1 added; Lufia 1 has been bumped off.

15. Project X Zone 1 (3DS)

I've already done a whole heaping rant of hate for this piece of crap over here. You should probably just refer to that. To summarize, though, this is not just a boring, pointless game that fails even in its very simple task of making a big crossover entertaining. It is a methodically boring, pointless game that fails. It repeats the same uninteresting plot events and approach to each mission over and over again, dozens of times, as the joke characters keep harping on the same boring throwaway 1-liners, the villains keep repeating the same uninteresting plot-teasers, and the characters keep beating the crap out of the same dozen villains, again and again, for more than 40 missions, all to no greater purpose than a tiny, dumb, generic-crossover-story plot that was stretched out over 4x as long as it could possibly have required. This is a game so relentlessly uninteresting that it makes your average Kemco title look snappy and engaging.

14. Final Fantasy 12: Revenant Wings (DS)

Hi there, folks, and welcome back from our commercial break! I want you to picture this. You’re sitting in the gutter, stinking of stale booze and soiled pants, minding your own business, when all of a sudden, the CEO of a major video game developer comes up to you and asks you to make a game for him! You’re too polite, not to mention completely inarticulate after shooting up what you only hope was heroine, to say no, and now you’re sitting in a cubicle at his company, deadline looming, with no idea what to do!

Has this ever happened to you? Of course it has! Those Sonic the Hedgehog games have to be coming from somewhere, after all. Well, you’re not alone, and we’re here for you. So today, on Cooking with SquareEnix, we’re going to help you make that deadline by showing you how to make a bad game into a worse sequel!

Step 1: Preheat oven to 345° Fahrenheit.

Step 2: Take Final Fantasy 12.

Step 3: Remove the incomprehensible, self-important, boring, meaningless mess that is FF12’s plot. Once done, haphazardly cram a new plot in, one which can actually be followed and is a little less high and mighty, but is also twice as dull and pointless. Rub in just a pinch of stupidity, for flavor.

Warning: Be very careful that your new plot does not in any way involve the many locations from Final Fantasy 12 that your repeat audience would be familiar with and actually want to see. Instead of revisiting the visually striking but totally soulless locations of FF12 that desperately need the life and character which a new adventure could provide them, just use some stupid generic floating island.

Step 4: Take everyone in FF12’s cast except Balthier, all those boring, dumb, poorly written characters, and begin mindlessly mashing them until they’re little more than pulverized granules of the characters they used to be, even less nuanced and compelling than ever before. Put them back in, but be sure to keep them separated from your new plot by taking away virtually all personal stake any of them have in the story’s events. Your goal is to make the characters all seem more like intruders in the story than participants.

Step 5: Take the Balthier that you set aside in the last step and begin mercilessly smashing his character into atoms, as you did for the others. Since Balthier was the only good part of FF12, this will be a much more difficult process, but you must be sure to make him exactly as crappy and indistinguishable a lump of character paste as you have made his constituents. When putting this miserable, generic mush back, be sure to remember that he, too, should not have any personal connection to the plot.

Step 6: Lightly sprinkle some characters and villains who actually have any-goddamn-thing to do with the plot, but make absolutely sure only one of them is a party member. You don’t want to saturate your major cast with characters who are actually relevant in any fucking way.

Step 7: While you’re adding Step 6’s new faces, you’ll want to throw in a couple of intensely annoying, loud children whose youthful “personality” (if such it can be called) is clumsily exaggerated at every turn. If possible, use ones who were completely unimportant NPCs in the first game, so as to infuse that special why-the-hell-are-they-even-here zest. Be sure to apply them liberally to every inch of your product, from beginning to end; you wouldn’t want these obnoxious little crapwads to miss any opportunity to open their stupid mouths and make an already poor scene worse.

Step 8: Put it in the oven and let it bake for a couple weeks or however long you think they actually spent developing this miserable turd. While it’s cooking, decide on a name for your product. The name should be 2 words picked at complete random from a list of entertainment culture buzzwords. It is preferable that you not actually know the meaning of 1 of these words.

Step 9: Remove game, but keep the oven on for the moment. Set the game out to cool. Congratulations, you have made your very own Final Fantasy 12: Revenant Wings!

Step 10: Is your oven still on? Okay, good. Now, stick your head inside and slam the door shut on yourself a couple times, you wad.

13. Mega Man Star Force 1 + 2 (DS)

Okay, a little breach in protocol here, having 2 games take 1 spot, but they share virtually the same flaws and the second game is just a continuation of the first game’s monumental suck, so I don’t see the point of splitting them apart. Also, I’ll be honest: I’m going to keep an open mind, but I have a feeling that once I play Mega Man Star Force 3, this spot is going to go from being 2 games jammed in a single space to 3.

Overall, there is really only 1 thing to say about Mega Man Star Force and why it’s here. Dumb. Dumb. Duuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmb. These games are so fucking dumb that I almost can’t believe they actually exist.

There are plenty of other flaws with them, of course. Flaws like the protagonist. Mega Man Star Force 1 stars Geo Stellar, a half-assed semi-emo preteen who seems to have misplaced a significant portion of his brain somewhere and is in no particular hurry to recover it. He at least stops being quite such a sad sack in the second game, but he is definitely still a complete moron. I don’t know whose great idea it was to make this completely unappealing little doofus into a Mega Man, but whoever it was should not be allowed to express a thought ever again.

Flaws like the fact that the supporting cast are one-dimensional shells who act not so much like human beings as they do like things that were written by someone who has heard of human beings. Flaws like the generic, paper-thin plots of each game. Flaws like the first game’s unsettling message that it’s wrong to want to ever have alone time and that you should completely submerge yourself in social networking. Flaws like bad writing/translations leading to remarkably bad dialogue, such as when a space monster tells a 12-year-old, “I’ll tell you about your father if you let me use your body, kid!”

But really, all of these flaws in plot and presentation and attitude and cast, it all adds up to the same, single word that represents everything that is Mega Man Star Force: Dumb. Inescapably, indescribably, intrinsically, iconically dumb.

12. Lunar: Dragon Song (DS)

Lunar: Dragon Song. I’d say it’s garbage, but for the fact that festering carrion rats frequently use garbage as a squalid staging ground within which to uncontrollably breed both their rancid vermin spawn and the plague-ridden parasites that prey upon every filth-soaked inch of their scabby flesh, all of which gives garbage a level of value to the world that Lunar: Dragon Song can’t possibly compare to.* No one who’s familiar with this game could possibly be surprised to see it on this list; its shortcomings are well documented and universally reviled.

Still, it bears noting why it takes this spot in particular. When people think of what’s wrong with Lunar: Dragon Song, the phrase “worst gameplay in the history of mankind” is probably what springs into their mind first. And to be sure, the act of playing this game is tortuous. If I gave playability any consideration in what makes an RPG good or bad, Lunar: Dragon Song would be taking the very first spot on the list with no competition whatsoever (not even from Phantasy Star 3, a game that feels like it was released in the middle of its development). But no matter how vile, gameplay is not a consideration for me when it comes to RPGs, and that’s not why Lunar: Dragon Song is here. It’s here because everything that matters in it is just as terrible. The characters are empty and vaguely dislikable. The plot’s presentation rarely rises high enough to be considered generic. Said story is completely banal, and it’s actually worse than pointless. Lunar: Dragon Song has a purpose, but the message it conveys (regarding the lack of need for the goddess Althena’s influence in the affairs of human- and beastkind) is just an extremely poor rehash of an idea that Lunar 1 and 2 already covered! And considering that Lunar 1 and 2 are already pretty subpar offerings, it’s really bad that they look positively masterful next to the spontaneous, half-assed attempt this game makes at conveying that idea.

And remember, all of that is what you get out of playing the game and dealing with its legendarily awful gameplay. Those vaguely repugnant characters and that sallow plot are the reward you get for suffering through a set of play mechanics so painfully counterintuitive and infuriating that they’re almost like some unholy miracle. There are worse RPGs out there (11 of them), but this is the one that makes you work the hardest for its worthless crap.

11. Chrono Cross (PS1)

Chrono Cross is the story of an overabundance of nothing. Over 40 characters, yet no characterization. 2 worlds (and some between-dimension stuff), yet nothing worth seeing. 12 endings, yet no satisfaction. Multiple plot viewings, yet nothing compelling. 30 - 60 hours of playing, yet nothing worth your time. It’s packed to the brim with plot details to the point that it’s almost as bafflingly convoluted as Xenosaga 3, and they all just add up to a story that does little and says even less. It’s packed to the brim with promising concepts like travel across dimensions, a future that forcibly guides its own past, and lost timelines that aren’t willing to disappear without a fight, but its pacing, general explanation style, and over-complicated bumbling cause them all to be a confused mess of poorly assembled parts instead of a smooth narrative machine. It’s packed to the brim with party members, but can’t be bothered to give any depth or relevance to 90% of them (and the few characters the game does actually pay attention to are crappy, to boot), and just simulates individuality for them with one of the worst storytelling ideas ever conceived. It’s got all kinds of great established characters and ideas it can borrow from its widely beloved predecessor, yet everything it does to connect to Chrono Trigger seems dissatisfyingly tangential (even when those connections are an integral point of CC’s core plot!), and often it seems to just use those pre-existing concepts for the sake of destroying them (Robo was on screen for, what, 45 seconds before he was unceremoniously killed off?).

As a sequel to one of the greatest RPGs ever created, Chrono Cross is a horrible disappointment. But even on its own merit, it’s just outright awful, a rotten mess of incompetence and meaninglessness bound together by one of the most tangled and poorly executed plots I’ve encountered. Do you know what a rat king is? In case you don’t, picture a large collection of squirming, vicious rats whose tails are all so badly tangled and/or glued together with dried filth, blood, and feces, that the diseased little monsters can’t even extricate themselves, and so become a roaming, squealing, noxious vortex of entangled vermin. That’s a rat king, a snarled and snarling mass of totally inextricable plague rodents. And that’s what Chrono Cross is: the RPG version of a rat king.

10. Robotrek (SNES)

I challenge anyone to tell me that they understand the story to this game. No, seriously, I really don't think it is possible; I defy you if you say it is. Robotrek is not a game that is unnecessarily complex with a few plot holes scattered around that make it difficult to understand what's going on (Xenogears). Robotrek is a game that just does not make sense. And I don’t mean not making sense in the way that Chrono Cross makes no sense, where it’s just ridiculously over-complex and stupid but if you try VERY hard to untangle its many plot threads it actually IS possible (but certainly not rewarding) to follow them. No, I mean that Robotrek does not make sense in the way that a mentally unstable homeless man who has very liberally abused a wide assortment of narcotics improvising a surrealist poem doesn’t make sense. And yet that raving lunatic STILL is probably more coherent than this game is.

You know what? Words ain’t gonna cut it on this one. Here, let me break out The RPGenius’s Scale of Nonsensical Insanity and show you where exactly Robotrek falls on the incomprehenso-meter.

The RPGenius’s Scale of Nonsensical Insanity

Note that the scale does not begin at a normally rational, understandable point. It starts with Ghost Dad, a movie considered one of the least comprehensible works in human history. And from there, Robotrek is aaaaaall the way down near the end. That is how absurdly out of human comprehension this game is.

It’s also kind of lazy about its insanity, too. The game eventually gets so wrapped up with time traveling, vampires, aliens, and all kinds of other crap that it doesn't even try to make it plausible. It seems totally unable to untangle itself from the various paradoxes it's made and just says "Screw it" and continues forward. Robotrek is a game where everything's silly and stupid, nothing makes sense, there's little to no point, and there's really no motivation to brave the excessively steep increases in difficulty to reach the end. I can't think of a single reason to play this game whatsoever.

9. Final Fantasy 8 (PS1)

Sometimes I feel bad about ragging on FF8 so damn much around here. I mean, sure, it wasn't good, but I totally hated some other FFs more. It wasn't nearly as boring as Final Fantasy 5, for one, and unlike FF12, FF8 actually seemed to know what the hell it wanted to say and where it was going.

Then I look at the game's cast, and my guilt melts away.

FF8 was Square's first (definitely not last) truly sickening attempt to cash in on their audience by demeaning them and selling to the lowest common denominator. Sure, I can't pretend that FF5 was much more than a cheap cash-in itself, but at least with that crap heap, Square was putting little effort into a piece of trash that they hoped would sell because it imitated an RPG. With FF8, they made a cast of shockingly shallow stereotypes of their intended audience, and had them act out a silly, stupid love story clearly pandering once again to the shallow interests that Square imagined its teenage target demographic had. Squall's the caustic loner who just secretly wants someone to wuuuuuuv him but at the same time doesn't want any of the actual affection and attention that caring for people entails, Rinoa's the preppy spoiled idiot who not-so-secretly wants someone (really, anyone) to wuuuuuuuv, and the rest of the cast members meekly fall into their lunch table-inspired social roles as the main couple dominate the plot and make everything about how much they're in love after knowing each other for a few days, days during which they didn’t get along and Squall couldn’t stand her.

Not that the plot would be all that much better off without them--it's about a Sorceress in the future (what exactly makes a Sorceress, incidentally, is not really defined, since anyone in the game can use magic if they want) who decides to take control of Sorceresses in the present to enact a plan to compress time for no given reason that will involve connecting a magical pathway from the moon to the planet that will allow a huge horde of moon monsters that appear every 1000 years or something to come and ravage a technologically advanced super city that was once ruled by a mean Sorceress but now has a president whose adopted daughter can make people's brains go back in time and be in someone else's body...wow, summarizing the story is making me realize that it's even sillier than I thought, and I haven't hit on HALF of the craziness in it yet. No, really, not even half. There’s a part of this game where you get lost in space on an abandoned dragon-shaped space ship with alien dinosaurs on board, for Christ’s sake. This game’s world and story seem more like a fever dream than something intentionally imagined.**

But anyways, back on point. The game is about a poorly-written cast being involved in a tasteless and overblown romance that only vapid, bored teenagers could be so stupid as to be a part of, with the backdrop of one of the sillier time-traveling plots out there (and God knows that's saying something), with the clear hopes that the stupid teens in the game would appeal to the supposedly stupid teens playing the game and make it a financial success. FF8's here as much for the fact that it insults your intelligence while it panders, as it is for actually being terrible.

8. The 7th Saga (SNES)

I used to hold that this was the worst RPG ever. While certain other RPGs I've played in the past several years have changed this sentiment (Obvious and Unnecessary Hint: they're the ones below), both in that they are worse than The 7th Saga and that they have expanded my understanding of the concept and nature of “bad,” The 7th Saga is still one of the worst RPGs out there, and below only Rune Factory 1 and Suikoden 4 in how obscenely boring it is. Unlike most bad games, you don't just get one hero with absolutely no personality, you get to choose from more than half a dozen! The game's story doesn't really change at all depending on your choice, though, and it's frustrating and requires hours of level-whoring and money-gathering no matter what, of course. It's blocky, awkward, and ugly as anything--and that doesn’t matter, but it’s worth noting because it looks and feels the same way it’s written and expresses itself. You basically spend most of the game on a long, often aimless journey to gather magic Runes. Once you have them, you are blandly betrayed and have to save the world from the evil entity who was actually after the Runes all along. And as it turns out, the secret to beating him is...the Runes! What a twist. It’s like the creators of this game took the cliched basics of like half the fantasy stories ever written, shook free absolutely every single aspect of personalization that gave those cliches any flavor, and just used that for their game. If the story of your average, by-the-numbers RPG is a loaf of white bread, then The 7th Saga’s story is just tasteless flour. Poorly made tedium incarnate, The 7th Saga has nothing good and plenty of bad.

7. Rune Factory 1 (DS)

I think I said it best in my 2014 Annual Summary rant: this is one of the most dull RPGs I’ve ever come across. Just thinking about it is making me want to take a nap. Ugh. There’s nothing worthwhile about this game, plain and simple. Its plot is bland and generic, and just getting to the point where the plot is actually starting to show up at all takes fucking days of repetitive busywork punctuated by subpar dungeon-crawling. Compounding this fatal flaw, the supporting cast are utterly lackluster, overused tropes, and the romance aspect is trite and unconvincing, not to mention essentially the same regardless of which character’s affections you choose to pursue. This is a game that delights in all the mind-numbing side crap that annoys me in RPGs (item maintenance, item creation, item growth management, fishing, repeated dungeon-crawling that explores the same goddamn dungeons over and over, etc) and makes actually telling a fucking story and saying anything meaningful into a secondary priority. No, scratch that, storytelling and meaning is a tertiary priority. No, scratch that, everything that actually engages your mind and imagination in any capacity is a non priority in Rune Factory 1.

The game is just nothing, there’s nothing that it offers, there’s nothing that it says, there’s nothing that it does or attempts or demands or means or possesses. Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy 8, Mega Man Star Force 1 and 2, and even most of the worse RPGs below--these are all abysmal titles, but every one of them has SOMETHING to offer, even if it’s bad, even if it annoys the hell out of me with its stupidity. I can still get something out of these dismal failures. Rune Factory 1? Nothing. Just. Nothing.

6. Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals (DS)

Should a botched remake even count for this list? I mean, I don’t even count it as an individual RPG that I’ve experienced. And yet, how can I not include this abominable, wretched heap of vile, vomitous refuse?

Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals is a remake of the classic Lufia 2 for the SNES, recreated by SquareEnix from the ground up. Now, allowing SquareEnix to handle your franchise is like giving a child a loaded gun: you may get lucky and no one gets hurt, but more likely than not, someone is going to end up getting shot in the face. And in this case, that someone turns out to be the unhappy soul who plays the game.

Anyway, I did a rant where I went into specific detail about everything this game does wrong, and I’m sure as hell not going to reproduce that 81-strong list of this game’s sins here. I certainly encourage you to read it if you want the full scoop on this utterly repugnant monstrosity, though. But if you want the bare bones summary, here it is. Almost every aspect of this game, every plot event, is lousy to some degree. Sometimes it’s just mildly poor, like idiotic character designs or stupid and irrational dialogue. And sometimes it’s so awful it offends your very heart and soul, like the romance between Maxim and Selan or the cowardly and artistically catastrophic changing of the ending. But whether a little or a lot, virtually every moment is bad. And if you knew the original Lufia 2, and ever held any positive feelings for it whatsoever, then Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals is all the worse. Either way, this game makes me fucking sick.

5. Shadow Hearts 3 (PS2)

I did a rant on this game's characters which also mentioned some of its other problems, so most everything you need to know is there. I'll just say here that this game hasn't even an ounce of the thoughtful story-telling, humorous and/or deep characters, and reasonable creativity that the first and especially second Shadow Hearts games had, and completely botches its attempts to tie in with its real-world settings by taking the series's traditional creative liberties with its settings about 3 steps too far. A boring and somewhat annoying protagonist, a personality-lacking villain, a cast of empty followers and perpetually-repeating gags that aren't funny, and an awful, thoroughly meaningless plot that screws up in a major way all its attempts to connect with its setting, all work in tandem to make this game one of the worst video game turds to ever be squeezed from a developer's ass out onto store shelves.

4. Suikoden 4 (PS2)

Sorry to keep copping out, but I did a whole rant on Suikoden 4, and a General RPGs rant on Sailing that largely featured the game, so I recommend you check them out for a proper take on this interactive sedative. Suffice to say here that it's not actually as horrible as most of the games on this list, but it IS probably the most boring game I've ever played, bar none. In fact, it may be the most boring experience I’ve ever had in my life, plain and simple. Suikoden 4 is more boring than just staring at a blank wall.

I’m not exaggerating. I mean that. Honest to God, between spending an hour playing Suikoden 4 and spending an hour focusing intently on a bare, blank wall, you will be more entertained by the wall. Because when you stare at a blank, expressionless place for long enough, doing nothing else, your imagination will automatically begin to activate itself, and you will start thinking about other things in the meantime. It’s a natural reflex of the human mind, when you focus on nothing, to start distracting itself with ideas, questions, stray thoughts, and mental scenarios. Whereas when you play Suikoden 4, you are playing a game that is at least as monotonous and devoid of appeal and meaning as a bare, blank wall is...but the animated visual stimulus of the game is tricking your subconscious into thinking you’re actually doing something. So even though you are equally bored as, probably more bored than you would be if you were just looking at the wall, your imagination isn’t going to bail you out this time, and so the wall leads to a more enjoyable experience. That is how boring this game is.

3. Phantasy Star 3 (Sega Genesis)

This is it, folks. This is a very, very special bad game. This is the RPG that inspired my very first rant. If it weren’t for Phantasy Star 3, this blog might not even exist.*** Cheers, PS3: every single one of the literally hundreds of thousands of words I have typed here is thanks to you. You suck that much.

Basically, this game would shame an unpaid amateur game coder. It looks horrible, it plays badly, the battle system is frustrating and yet as dull as reading nutrition labels, the music is like badly synthesized elevator music...and to get to the actually important parts, the plot's shaky and somehow just seems unimportant to the whole thing, there's barely any connection to the Phantasy Star universe as a whole and what connection there is makes this game canonically null and void, and the characters are basically just walking dolls meandering their way very slowly (like, over entire generations' time) to one of several endings that range from pointless to weird and inexplicable. From the visuals to the plot, the gameplay to the characters, the negligible to the crucial, the game seems like it was released while only 40% through its development process. Of all the games on this list, Phantasy Star 3 is the only one that is so poorly made in every way that I think a person, any person, using RPG Maker for 5 hours couldn't help but make something better.

2. Grandia 3 (PS2)

3 is not the magic number where the Grandia series is concerned. Being the next (and currently last) installment of the Grandia series directly following Grandia 2, this game may be the biggest RPG disappointment I've ever had (besides the ending of Mass Effect 3, which is in its own league of let-down). But it's not just bad because it's a disgrace to its series; it's bad because it's really, really bad. The short story is, it stars a typical (for anime) stupid, airplane-obsessed teen hero as he starts a cutesy little journey to fly away from home and, through unlikely yet boringly predictable circumstances of an equally predictably boring plot, gets roped up into saving, protecting, and more or less playing nursemaid to a magical healing girl just as typical and uninteresting as he is, named Alfina. It's like an RPG that Hayao Miyazaki would make, if Hayao Miyazaki were talentless and addicted to crystal meth.

You may remember the name Alfina from a recent rant I did, incidentally. The Top 5 Most Annoying Characters of RPGs. She was number 1. Yeah.

This game is pretty much the ultimate culmination of boring, overdone cliches of anime-esque story-telling. Its plot is hackneyed and covers no new ground whatever, its themes are either vague or run-of-the-mill, and either way are executed in an idiotic manner (its attempt at "Love of Family Can Overcome Evil" is to have Alfina tell her groundlessly villainous brother that she loves him, and this simple statement makes him SEE THE LIGHT even though not 5 seconds before he was about to fucking sacrifice her to a dark god), and its cast ranges from yawn-inspiring support characters to stupid and unlikable heroes and villains. There really isn't any redeeming factor here; it's just the perfect example of bad cliches and bad execution of them making a bad game. If you want more details, see my old Grandia 3 rant; it'll break everything down for you case by case.

1: Wild Arms 4 (PS2)

Time does not make the heart grow fonder with Wild Arms 4. When I played it, I hated it, but if you had asked me what I thought was the worst RPG ever, I would have been torn between Grandia 3 and The 7th Saga. When I finished playing it, I hated it even more, and did a rant on how much I hated it, but if you had asked me what I thought the worst RPG ever was, I would have had to think hard about whether it was Grandia 3, The 7th Saga, or Wild Arms 4. But as time goes on, and I continue to remember this unspeakably wretched time-vampire, the sheer animosity I feel toward this game only grows, and now there's no question in my mind: this is the worst RPG that I've played to date--that I can officially rant on, at least (see Dishonorable Mention below for explanation). Like I said, I did a rant on this one, so I suggest you check it out for exactly what's wrong with this game.

But the general idea here is, this is a game about the stupidest kids in the world on a quest to save their friend Yulie, who is so passive and compliant that I swear someone in the group must be slipping her roofies throughout the entire journey. They use this quest as an excuse to complain about how evil adults are, how terrible the world is (because of adults), and how unfair life is (also because of adults), as well as to spout completely irrational theories about why adults do mean things, because God only knows that children are utterly incapable of doing bad things themselves. These kids would make Peter Pan want to grow up. Occasionally you get a break from their chatter when the game decides to show you what the adults are up to (hint: it's evil), or shows you the idiot pretty boy on his motorcycle feeling conflicted in ways that you don't care about and have probably already seen more appealing characters handle in better ways in superior games/animes/whatevers. Most of the time, though, it's just one inane philosophy about how hitting the age of 21 erases all your moral values completely after another.

This game isn't supremely boring like Suikoden 4. It's not a complete mess like Phantasy Star 3. Its plot isn't just an assemblage of crappy cliches like Grandia 3, or completely incomprehensible like Robotrek. It's not even that it doesn't have any single redeeming quality like Shadow Hearts 3; the character of Racquel is actually pretty damn great in WA4, if not nearly great enough to justify playing it. The game is just infuriating, plain and simple, and continuously makes you hate the hell out of it as you play; there's just no escape from its grating prattle and rampant stupidity. It deserves its place as bottom of the barrel here, no question in my mind.

Dishonorable Mention: Final Fantasy 10-2 (PS2)

Here's the deal, folks: this is the only time I will ever seriously include FF10-2 in a rant of mine beyond a quick snipe or two. I generally follow the rule of shunning this game's existence. I don't include it in the list of RPGs I've beaten, and I won't officially rant on it. But I'm breaking the rule for this list and putting it in here as the Dishonorable Mention because, if I were to pay this game even the iota of respect I hold for Wild Arms 4, it would be Number 1 on this list of worst RPGs, without any competition whatsoever.

Games on the list above do many sucky things. Some are obscenely boring. Others are just unimaginative and stupid. But with the exception of Final Fantasy 8, none of them insult my intelligence, and that's largely why I hate FF10-2 above all games of all genres--because it is a slap in the face to the consumer who plays it. And unlike FF8, which was intended as a crass marketing ploy but actually had some effort put into building a game out of that foundation (failed effort, but effort nonetheless), FF10-2 is, from beginning to end, nothing whatsoever but a blatant attempt by Square to pander its way into your wallet. Square didn't put any effort into making this game at all. It was an obvious, cheap attempt to make money from the get-go. The plot is boring and stupid, the characters are either reused, yet more intense archetypes from previous games (Paine is just an even less likable Squall, if you can even believe such a thing possible, while Rikku's air-headed, high-pitched annoying nature and lack of intelligence are increased), or shallow, audience-appealing stereotypes (Look everyone! Yuna the J-Pop Anime Girl doesn't have depth any more, but she DOES have a Spice Girls-esque go-get'em girl-power attitude! And also sexier clothes! Oh boy!), and, most notably, a crapload of stuff was just reused from the previous game in the most cheap and obvious ways imaginable. And I don't just mean stuff like settings; that's to be expected in a sequel taking place in the same world. I mean to the point that they reuse character models for Wakka and Lulu while loudly noting all the fat that Wakka has put on and how pregnant Lulu is, neither of which can be seen in any way. No, seriously, look.

FF10 Lulu

FF10-2 Lulu

Clearly a woman in her last stages of pregnancy. And while that example is probably the most famous, the evidence of apathetic laziness on the part of the game's creators is just found all over the place throughout the whole game.

It's already a bad game because Square didn't try at all to make it good, but the fact that they spent so little energy on anything beyond the sparkly effects and sexy dresses just makes it that much more blatant that they're pandering to their audience with the lowest common denominators possible, hoping that playing magical dress-up with spunky, entirely predictable girlies will appeal to their female audience, and that playing magical dress-up with spunky, entirely predictable hot chicks will also appeal to their male audience so long as they add in enough revealing outfits in poor taste. They clearly expect you, their target audience, to fall for appearances and not care a lick about actual quality. So, to whit, they're hoping, nay, assuming that the people that their company owes its existence to are crude, shallow, tasteless morons.

Now granted, the general success of FF10-2, not to mention its many, many fans clearly prove that Square was entirely correct in this assumption. Nonetheless, it's just about the most insulting product that I've come across. That, combined with the fact that it's a truly abhorrent game just on its own, and that it utterly ruins a previously extremely deep and well-created character (Yuna) by making her as shallow and stupid as everything else,**** makes it the true worst RPG I've ever seen, and, hopefully, ever will see. I could go on for pages and hours about how bad this game is and how much I hate it (and I have plenty of times before through IMs and forum posts), but frankly, I don't think I'll ever find numerous and nasty enough words to fully detail how loathsome this RPG is, so I'll stop now. But yeah. Final Fantasy 10-2 is in its own league of putrescence.

* Okay, okay, so I reused this opening from the LDS Characters rant. Cut me a break, I really liked it.

** In fact, there is a theory that some people prescribe to that when Squall is impaled by the ice javelins that Edea plunges into his chest during the failed assassination attempt, it’s a fatal wound, and everything in the game after that point is actually just a hallucinatory dream he imagines as his dying mind begins shutting down, with the events and twists becoming more illogical and unlikely as his brain dies and his mind unravels. You can read the details here. The sad thing is, this is pretty much the only way that Final Fantasy 8 could ever make sense, and if this were actually the truth of the matter, and what Squaresoft intended, then this game would actually be fascinating, artistic, and I would respect the hell out of it. But of course, thoughtful and articulate though this concept is, it’s obvious that Square meant FF8 to be entirely on the level (and there was plenty of stuff before the point of Squall’s supposed death that made no sense), and this is sadly just a charming idea that will never be endorsed. It reminds me of the Indoctrination Theory that fans created about the ending of Mass Effect 3. Like the Indoctrination Theory, the Squall is Dead Theory is a case where the fans have shown infinitely more intelligence and insight than the actual creators, and provided those creators with a way to make the work something worthwhile instead of something awful...but the creators will never, ever be smart enough to go for it.

Good God, what does it say about a game when it would be immeasurably improved if 70% of its events were reduced to a dying man’s hallucinations?

*** Yeah, right, like a rant blog wasn’t inevitable for me one way or another. No one as long-winded and self-important as me could possibly avoid having a blog forever.

**** Don't even try to give me that crap about "WELL PEOPLE CAN CHANGE A LOT OVER 2 YEARS." When people change completely (and I mean COMPLETELY) due to a tremendously inspiring and touching event/person, it's not to become a careless idiot who disregards and disgraces everything they learned from and cared about the event/person that changed them.


  1. Aw yeah I've been waiting for this.

    About Mega Man star force..I don't know if you played the Battle Network games and if you have I may not have noticed I'd like go off a bit on these games.

    First off SF is supposed to take place 200 years after BN and it doesn't look a damn thing like the future but that's just the tip of the iceberg Geo is like you said a sad suck of a person but lets talk about his friends.

    Luna: Drills or no she's a total bitch to Geo throughout a good part of the game all leading to the school play part of the game where the reason she wanted Geo to go to school so bad a was because of this and to make her look go for the student election oh and the Prez thing which her sycophant..I mean friends call her INCLUDING GEO IN BOTH SF 2 AND 3 ONWARDS great job Luna you managed to turn an emo boy into your personal submissive boy toy.

    Bud:Supposed to be Dex 2.0 but fails also you fight him three fucking times over all the games fuck you.

    Zack:I called both Bud and him sycophants but that's not good enough for this shithead right here because he is literally useless he does fuck all thought the game besides kissing up to Luna.

    Sonia: The one friend who isn't really a dick to Geo..Still she does try to kill him even so I like her I won't say much besides that.

    Pat:Honestly I got nothing to say to him not because I like him but mainly because I'm indifferent to him.

    The overall story is pretty poor too aliens who feed of the negative emotions of humans? Cool how SF does it? Poorly not to mention the ending where Geo just goes HURR FRIENDSHIP and suddenly the alien king is friends with him I get that SF is all about friendship and all but still.

    And SF2..Oh boy take every shitty anime filler you've ever watch that is SF2's story in a nutshell nothing important happens like at all until the end and even then it's such a goddamn cop out.

    There's only two(or three kinda) people worth mentioning in SF2 Hyde and Solo both whom are poor characters and Apollo Flame the post game boss whose motivation for doing anything is "Mom told me to"

    And I'm just talking about the story! don't get me started on the gameplay or SF2's encounter rate which makes beyond the beyond proud.

    And uh that's it for Star force the third game is pretty much the best of them.

    Shame about no May rants still good luck with classes.

    1. I'd honestly call Luna the least irritating, least pathetic person in the 2 games I've seen, but that sure as hell doesn't mean much, and everything you say about her is true. I don't even remember Pat--is he only in the third game, or is he actually that forgettable?

    2. Actually no he isn't in the third game he's only vaguely mentioned.

  2. I think a few of the games listed here were among the first RPGs I played (Mega Man and Lunar DS certainly were, and I tried RF1 a bit before getting bored and erasing it). It probably helped to built a tolerance for bad games.

    I think 7th Saga got a sequel (Mystic Ark) that had a fan translation made for it, which was apparently decent (although I've not played that game, so I can't comment).

  3. I wouldn't be too hard on Rune Factory 1 considering they were still trying to balance the RPG and the Slice of life aspects of Harvest moon. Which they don't get right until Rune Factory 3.

    Then again like with Harvest moon and maybe the Atelier series they appeal to different people

    1. That's nice and all, but I can't really give points for good intentions. I mean, I can and do take points away for rotten, lousy, insulting intentions, which is a part of why Final Fantasy 8 and 10-2 invoke especial spite from me, but most of the time I think developers' intentions are to make a game that doesn't completely blow chunks. Whatever they were trying to do with Rune Factory 1, it was soulless, flavorless mash of time-eating busywork and nothing else. Maybe someday I'll give RF3 a try, since you're not the first person to espouse what an improvement it is over its previous titles, and maybe I'll really like that one...but that still won't change RF1's failure.

  4. I know I'm late, but I just wanted to say that Xenogears is the worst RPG, and one of the worst games I've ever had the misfortune of playing.
    Terrible combat, which boils down to only using the strongest deathblow over and over, combined with a high encounter rate, repetitive dungeons, low enemy variety and PLATFORMING.
    What else? A convoluted mess of a story, slow text speed, characters that are either unlikable (Fei, Citan, Elly) or forgettable (everyone else), bland overworld and an unfinished second disc.

    I guess the OST is nice

    1. No one's ever late to my rants. No matter how old the rant, I'm still interested in hearing back from readers.

      Yeah, Xenogears is pretty awful. I actually did like Citan to a certain degree, but overall I agree with your assessment, and I'd add that the convoluted mess of a story didn't benefit any from an exceptionally poor pacing to its telling (I know RPGs usually start slow at the beginning, but you spend like 20 fucking hours concentrating on such a tiny microcosm of the plot and characters that it might as well not even be considered part of the story as a whole--and then later, you're suddenly hit by 1 major event after another coming and going like a speeding school of plot fish, clustered together and impossible to grasp one for how many are around it), and the fact that so damn much of it got relayed to you by the characters just summing it all up. And doing a shitty job of the summary, for that matter--you could say most of Bastion is the narrator just summing everything up over time, but he's doing a great job of it, while the endless text box parade is flat, lifeless, and convoluted as hell.

      Still, as much as I agree with you about Xenogears being terrible, I'd still say that Lufia 1's listless, meaningless, careless foray into the generic and dumb is worse. Xenogears is a contender for this list, but it's not quite bad enough to make it here. Maybe someday, when I extend the list to 20 spots, it'll show up then...although I have a bad feeling that by that time, I'll have found plenty more horrible competition for those new slots.

    2. "while the endless text box parade is flat, lifeless, and convoluted as hell."
      And slow.

  5. On the topic of FF8 and 10-2, the story writer for these games* (as well as FF13, albeit in a less significant role) is going to edit the story for FF7's recently announced remake. How much do you want to bet that a later revision of this list (if there is one) will include that remake?

    *Kazushige Nojima, if you're curious. He was also the author of that FF10-2.5 fan fiction-esque novel where Tidus' head falls off after he kicks a blitzball that appears to be a bomb.

    1. If you hear a rhythmic tapping in the next few minutes, don't wonder what it is, I'll tell you: it's me, slamming my head into the wall hard enough that you can hear the constant pounding from however far away you happen to be from me.

  6. Suikoden 4's saving grace was its opening theme "La Mer". At least it had one great music

  7. You might even say that Rune Factory 1 is a... Terrable game.
    /walks away in disappointment in the terrible joke.

  8. I think FF2 can be worse than FF8...

    1. I think FF2 sucks in a generic way that a lot of 8-bit RPGs do (weird combat, generic plot), while FF8 invents new ways (for an RPG, at least) to be bad by introducing character archetypes the rest of the RPG world avoided and pioneering Nojima's special brand of Overcomplicated Storytelling™ .

      I think that some worse SNES games could be on the list, like Lagoon or maybe Secret of the Stars, maybe.

      BTW: blogs don't usually make as good discussion platforms as forums, so should I ignore whatever comes up in the RSS reader in the future?

    2. Haven't played FF2 yet, so you could be entirely correct. Nonetheless, I must admit that I am skeptical that it could complete with the whirling maelstrom of poor characters, insulting pandering, and utter ridiculous bullshit that is FF8.

      To reply to Anonymous:

      1. Lagoon definitely came close to this one. It was actually a part of a former version of this list, and certainly if I ever extend this rant, Lagoon will once again be a heavy contender.

      2. It's your call whether you would prefer to discuss or ignore. I personally welcome any opportunity for intelligent RPG discussion on this blog, so you've certainly got my permission for it.

  9. For me, nothing will ever top Crisis Core as the absolute worst JRPG I've ever played, not to mention one of the worst games in general. Pretty much all the flaws one would expect from a Square Enix product are on display here - hackneyed and unoriginal plot, shallow anime tropes for characters - most of which are blatantly rehashed archetypes, laughably pretentious writing and dialogue - but surely the gameplay would make it fun, right? Well not really, no. The gameplay is even more painful to sit through. Slow and clunky combat that consists of "hammer the X button repeatedly" and, nope that's it. Hell you don't even have to move around since he automatically runs towards the nearest enemy for you, and no this can't be turned off. Every 15 seconds there will be some kind of slot machine gimmick that pops in your face and interrupts the gameplay for long stretches so you can watch either a long-winded summon animation or Zack dancing around like an idiot for half a minute, and no this can't be turned off or skipped either, you have to sit there and watch it every, single, FUCKING, time. Half-assed, uninspired level design that even FF10 would scoff at. And last but not least, the most torturous encounter rate since anything from the NES era. Not an ounce of thought, innovation, originality or care went into making this rancid pile of dogshit, it just plain sucks balls, and is arguably Square Penix's most shameless attempt at pandering since 10-2, and your feelings for that game reflect mine for this game.

    Yet, for some reason, people don't seem to realize this. Everywhere I look I see nothing but praise for this game, not only from fans but even HATERS of the original FF7, and for some reason all the flaws they bashed FF7 for having are given a free pass when CC does it. A game based on FF7 that even the FF7 detractors love? Well this game just has to be good then! So naturally I was really excited to play it, being the huge fan of FF7 I am, and well...you know the rest.

    Also nice call on FF8, even though I don't quite hate that game as much as I used to I still agree with everything you said.

    1. Yeesh. I'm thankfully able to say that I have yet to play FF7CC, and it ain't high on my To Do List. Sounds abhorrent.

    2. Believe me, you aren't missing anything of value. However upon further reflection I no longer consider FF7CC the absolute worst JRPG ever, at least when compared to the truly bottom of the barrel filth i.e Sonic Chronicles. It's not far behind though, and still sucks donkey dong.

  10. I can't say I dislike all of these games, and, of course, there are some RPGs I hate which do not appear here, but I can't say I disagree about Final Fantasy X-2. That game sucks, and its badness is almost unparalleled in the series. I think Final Fantasy XIII is almost as bad and in some ways Final Fantasy XV is worse. Bad as Final Fantasy XIII is, it at least doesn't have the dishonor of being a direct sequel to a much better game. Final Fantasy XV, though, reaches a special level of badness, in my view, due to how shamelessly Square Enix released an unfinished game and charged consumers to see some of these missing parts (which still don't make the game seem finished!).

    Back to Final Fantasy X-2, that game is part of the reason why I haven't bought any of the Final Fantasy X HD remasters. Square just won't let me buy Final Fantasy X on a new console without the cancer of X-2 attached to it, and I refuse to give them money for X-2 a second time. (Side note: I also oppose the Final Fantasy X HD remaster for failing to include a Japanese audio option or the ability to skip cutscenes).

    1. Yeah, SquareEnix's insistence on standing behind FF10-2 is very frustrating. It's like the way they stand behind Chrono Cross, or the way the Star Wars franchise continues to insist on including the prequels in its canon. They need to take a cue from the recent Grandia collection rerelease's exclusion of Grandia 3, or the recent Ghostbusters trailer's making the 2016 movie non-canon: it's okay to ditch the crappy weight holding your franchise back.

    2. It's not really an issue with canon or not for me. I just don't want to give Square money for Final Fantasy X-2 again, and they won't let me do so if I want to get a newer version of Final Fantasy X. Chrono Cross is actually one of the games on your list here that I don't hate (but even I admit that its ending is stupid and 40 playable party members was a giant mistake), but if someone wants to buy Chrono Trigger, it's possible to buy the game without also buying Chrono Cross. The same goes for Grandia 1 and 2; I recently got Grandia 2 on Steam, since I didn't want to buy both games as I'd already played the first game. I wasn't forced to buy both games. The same is not true for Final Fantasy X-2, and that angers me.

      On the note of Grandia 3's exclusion: I think money is the main motivator on its absence from the collection. GungHo, the company behind the ports, has said that they'll port Grandia 3 and Xtreme if this recently-released collection sells well enough. They started with the more popular games and more easily ported games. Also, I'm not sure if Square is really standing behind Chrono Cross; they've only re-released it as a cheap port on the PSN (and it would have been foolish not to do this port, as it required zero effort on Square's part), whereas Chrono Trigger has appeared much more often (on the PS1, on the PSN, on the Wii's Virtual Console, on the DS, and very recently on Steam) and with many additions added (not that I think any of these additions are good).