Wednesday, September 18, 2013

General RPGs' AMVs 10

I finally got around to making a personalized scheme for this blog, instead of just using the default template and colors (which WAS nicely functional, I must say). What do you guys think? I know it's not exactly a work of art, but I'm hoping it's reasonably pleasant to read on? Anyway, on with the rant.

Wow, 10 of these rants. That’s some kind of milestone, right? I guess? Well, whether it is or not, I’m sure as hell not gonna do anything special anyway. Business as usual, people, either ignore this and wait for the next, more interesting rant (as I suspect most of what few readers I have do each time I make one of these), or watch these videos and give them a Like and a Comment if they please you.


Final Fantasy 8: Full Moon, by Elessar1985:
The music used is FullMoon, by Sonata Arctica. While there are parts where this AMV kinda drags itself along (it’s a fairly long song), overall this is a pretty textbook case of a good AMV. The scenes match well to the lyrics, the song’s tone, or both, they’re cut together to follow the song’s direction smoothly, overall everything comes together in one neat, enjoyable package.

Final Fantasy 10: Yuna, by Zaon08:
The music used is Primavera, by Ludovico Einaudi. Simple, quiet, deep, and lovely, this AMV does a very nice job of giving the viewer a short but poignant summary of Yuna’s journey that fits the tune well.


Kingdom Hearts 1 and Chain of Memories: Stars, by InvertedJabberwocky:
The music used is Stars, from Les Miserables (the musical, not the sub-par movie). Not much to say about this, it’s just a decent AMV. The music’s doing the lion’s share of work in this one, with the KH visuals just sort of keeping up with it and working with its lyrics, but it does so adequately, and makes for a decent watch.

Kingdom Hearts Series: I’m Home, by FoolishNoob1337:
The music used is Alex on the Spot, from Madagascar 2. This song’s strange mix of upbeat pop with a kind of beautiful desperation works really well with Kingdom Hearts’s visuals, and the visual edition and scene selection is just effortlessly streamlined and perfect. This is a great Kingdom Hearts AMV and really effectively conveys Sora’s desire to be able to return home to Destiny Islands with the people he loves. This is a damn fine AMV, and from now on I’m going to associate this song far more strongly with Kingdom Hearts than with Madascar 2.


Mass Effect 3: Into the Nothing, by Taylor Smith:
The music used is Into the Nothing, by Breaking Benjamin. This is a great AMV, with great scene-to-music coordination that not only matches the song’s lyrics and tune nigh perfectly, but also all comes together to use the song as a description and tribute of the game. The one criticism I have (besides Taylor’s atrocious taste in love interests for Shepard, that is) is that there’s just too many scene changes too often, although I have to admit that they’re done very well all the same. Still, great AMV here, no question of it.

Mass Effect 3: My Way, by Garaman257:
The music used is My Way, by Frank Sinatra. You know, with all the hundreds of AMVs out there that just use the same songs by Evanescence, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, and so on over and over again, it’s refreshing to see someone effectively use something a little more unconventional. Putting Shepard’s journey and finale to Sinatra’s proud song of recollection works damn well, and makes for an AMV both fun and satisfying.

Mass Effect Series: Breathe Me, by Xeriana11:
The music used is Breathe Me, by Sia. Xeriana11’s the one who made that awesome Mass Effect AMV about the Illusive Man which I did a special rant for a little while back, and she’s back with another solid offering this time. The music’s used effectively and meshes well with the visuals to set the mood and tell the story, if I’m interpreting it right, of a female Shepard who’s contemplating the things she’s done, showing us both the regrets she harbors and the love she has for her friends, the ones who she’s sacrificing herself for. A well made and emotional AMV, to be sure.


Tales of the Abyss: Dist the Rose Spins Around, by 2ndIgnition:
The music used is You Spin Me Round, by Dead or Alive. Okay, maybe this one is only an AMV in the very strictest, most technical sense, but come on, cut me some slack--this is awesome.


  1. I like the new theme

    In other news Sega buys Index Corporation which was in charge of atlus. Best case scenario is that we get some of Sega's other Rpgs like Valkyria chronicles and skies of arcadia some sort of representation. But time will tell

    SE announced a remake to Final Fantasy VI the after years alla Final fantasy IV DS. yay? (I do like the after years and feel like the idea can't they give us Final Fantasy 6 or 9 a remake now?)

    1. Oh Jesus Christ baking brownies with Buddha, Sega? Fucking SEGA!? I know I should just be thanking God Almighty that SquarEnix and/or EA didn't get their anti-Midas* hands on it, but damn it all, did it have to be those ass clowns? I swear to every deity who cares to listen that if I ever see that fucking hedgehog in an SMT title in any way I will vomit a quarter of my own body weight, bottle said vomit, and fucking mail it to Sega HQ.

      Ugh. Alright, alright, get some perspective, Arpy. Not every Sega game has been mediocre or just outright crap. Maybe they'll just let Atlus do their thing. EA and SquareEnix sure as hell wouldn't, so it's still better than the worst case scenario. Keep it together, self. Keep it together.

      Can't say I care much about SquareEnix's Remake of the Week. It's pretty much always a transparent ploy to make money off the smallest amount of time, effort, and funding possible. Regardless of what I say, there will always be plenty of morons eager to pay multiple times to play the same damn game. It's mildly annoying to me in that these hordes of fanboys who place no value on their own time and money are encouraging SE to just keep scumming their way through the industry with these pointless remakes, but then, SE's original titles of the past 10+ years show that they're more than capable of worthless, time-wasting pandering all on their own. At any rate, so long as they're not giving a good game the same ungodly, horrible remake treatment that they gave Lufia 2, I don't much care what rerelease nonsense they're pulling.

      Glad you like the new theme. I like it because it's calming. I need calming things. A lot.

      * Anti-Midas: When everything you touch turns to rancid, greasy shit.

    2. Recently Atlus announce that they will continue to operate the same except they are going to use sega to advertise games better. (though a sonic doll in the background is still very likely)

      Ironically I still say that the Remake of Lufia 2 is still the second best Lufia game considering Lufia the Legends Returns has a really dumb ending with Diablo Ex Machina and Erin getting killed off somehow. Not to mention Chrono Cross character syndrome with Dei and Milka being the only interesting ones. and Ruin of lore which is just plain boring.

    3. That's good, but I remain pensive.

      I don't deny that the majority of the Lufia series is total shit. Hell, Lufia 1 managed to just make it onto my list of Worst RPGs Ever--although if I counted remakes, the Lufia 2 remake would've nudged it out quite easily. But every goddamn thing that made Lufia 2 exceptional in any way was mercilessly gutted, wrenched apart, and dissolved in a spray of caustic Fanservice Acid, the sickening bile that runs through the veins of SE's marketing department in lieu of blood. Not that the remake stands out as anything better than a godawful disaster by itself, but as a remake it systematically annihilates every positive aspect of the one shining moment of the Lufia series.

      "Second best Lufia game." Even if I agreed (which I don't), when you're talking about a series with exactly one title that isn't the video game equivalent of Lyme Disease, that's not exactly a badge of honor.